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I'm the Photomanipulation CV!

  • I only take Photomanipulation suggestions, and some Mixed Media suggestions.

  • Make sure that the deviant hasn't already received a Daily Deviation within the past 6 months.
    FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?

  • Send your suggestions to only ONE Community Volunteer!

  • Credit must be provided to stock artists and other resource providers, and stock must be from legitimate sources (i.e., not Google).

  • Please let me know if you want to remain anonymous as a suggester; if you do not specify I will assume that you want your name listed on the DD.

How to suggest

Just hit the "Note" button on my profile page and add the subject: DD Suggestion include the thumb code (or URL) along with the reason why you think the deviant deserves a Daily Deviation.

I may not reply to all suggestions but I do read, consider and appreciate every suggestion :heart:.

Photo Manipulation Week

    By DA's definition, a photo manipulation is a combination of at least two photos to create a whole new image. Often time, photo manipulations can contain 5, 10, 15 or more photos. All of which may come from different sources, meaning different lighting, perspective, color, and quality. The list goes on and on!

    Stitching all these photos together to make one cohesive composite can seem intimidating, forcing beginners to limit their visions to simple composts the contain just a few images max.

    While a photo manipulation shouldn't be judged on how many different images it took to create it (If all you need it 2 images then only use 2 images!), don't limit yourself out of fear of complexity! Let's cover some of the common issues we all run into.

Judgement by theSong

Forced Perspective

    Forced or inconsistent/odd perspective can actually be done on purpose! Especially in pieces try to give the feeling of distortion, or in surreal works. With that being said, it is usefully pretty obvious when it was done intentionally and when it was done as a mistake. 

The Problem:
When it comes to wonky perspective, the problem lays with the ingredients. AKA your stock choices. While stock's perspectives don't have to match up perfectly, and Photoshop gives you a few tools to help fix perspective problems, forcing a model who was clearly shot with a downward point of view onto a background that was shot at eye level is going to give you some problems. 

The Fix: 
Be smart about your stock choices! It's really that simple. A good 40% of a photo manipulators work goes to finding stock. It can take hours. And hours. ....And hours. No one is saying it will be fun!

V: The Void by ErikShoemaker

Inconsistent Lighting

    This is one of the most common issues even the most seasoned artist have. Unless you are working with images you shot yourself, all with the same lighting, chances are you are going to be dealing with images of all types of lighting.

The Problem:
You don't really understand what light is and how it works. Sure, you see it literally every fact you kinda need it in order to see. But you don't REALLY understand what it is, and why it does what it does. You know that if light is coming from the left then the left side will be white and brighter, the right side will be darker, and there will be a big blob of a black shadow on the floor. 

Expect look around you, I bet you see no big blob-y shadows. Not a one. 

The Fix: 
Learn how light actually works! Light interacts with everything in a very particular and individual way. And thus, the shadows from the objects that the light is interacting with are just as unique. 

  • Observe the world around you very closely. Pay attention to light and shadows.  
  • Instead of photo manipulation tutorials, look up digital painting tutorials and lighting studies. 
  • Be patent, practice and never settle! Do it over and over until you nail that lighting!

Remember light and shadows effect color (meaning they are most likely not white and black, unless the they are the colors they are interacting with). If a shadow is being cast on Caucasian skin use a dark reddish brown. If the shadow then extends onto the models blue shirt, use a dark blue color. Not black. Your best bet is finding and eye dropping the color of already existing (darkest) shadows on your object/model. That will give you a good starting color. 

If you are using Photoshop, the layer modes "Multiply" and "Soft light" will be more useful than "Overlay".


Overall Mismatched Color

    Again you are working with photos taken in different environments. A Model on a blue backdrop. A background with a lot of green. A photo of a dog taken during the late evening. A photo of a bird taken on a blue sunny say.  

The Problem:
You don't understand a damn thing about color theory. Colors do not have to be all the same (in fact, they probably shouldn't be!), they should however compliment each other. Lack of color, or complimented color will make a piece feel either flat, muddy or confusing. Or all three!

The Fix:
Study color theory! I know, obvious right? But many of us don't go out and LEARN we simply kind of ...wing it. Which is also great, but there should be a bit of both. Again, seek out digital painting tutorials that focus on color. Learn how to use complimentary colors, and how to use color not only as a way to tie a scene together, but as a way to convey mood and feeling and also as a way to give context (like time of day) to a piece

At the top of all my .PSD files I have a "Color Correction" folder. It holds all my layers (mostly adjustment layers) that determines the majority of the overall color of the piece I am working on.

French dessert by cornacchia-art The Whole Universe Surrenders by MikkoLagerstedt

No Compromise!

    Working with a medium the starts as several other mediums can be frustrating. We all have a specific image in our head that we want to create. Finding the perfect stock, and then having to force that perfect stock to fit in with all your other perfect stock can be....frustrating. 

    Don't comprise your vision because things get messy! Just like in a hunk of clay, or in a box of paints, in that pile of unedited stock, random textures and brushes, and countless layers there is something fantastic. You just need to combines the pieces. 


Photo Manipulation Week

Free: The Best Price 

  While plenty of photo manipulators create their own stock, or purchase stock from sites like Depositphotos, Shutterstock or 123rf, a good chunk of us use DA's own magnificent resource section! When it comes to free, or nearly free, resources I honestly don't think there is a better place on the web!

    "Hey! This is photo manipulation week not "Stock" week!". Yup! I firmly believe that the PM community wouldn't be half of what it is today without DA's vast resource section, and that it is extremely important for an artist to learn that you give credit where credit is do!

Reading Guy by pixelmixtur-stocks

Stock Artist Terms of Use

    Not only can you land yourself in some hot water with the stock artist for not fallowing their rules of their stock, causing your art to be taken down, but not listing your resources and giving proper credit will also make you ineligible for things like Daily deviations So it is incredibly important to honor the simple terms of use that the stock artist lays out! There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a gorgeous piece of art with no credits. 

Fairy 01 by KittyTheCat-Stock STOCK - Indian / Gothic temple dancer by Apsara-Stock

What are the rules then?

    Stock artist on DA set their own rules and terms, so there is no one list of terms to fallow, but there are some common trends:

  • Link and credit the resources used in your art's description. I personally do this required or not.
  • Alerting the stock artist that you have used their stock, and where it will be posted. 
  • Restrictions in stock containing children.
  • Off limit subjects: hate speech, violence against children/animals, and porn   

Again, every stock artist is different! So you will have to check each stock artist's individual set of rules. Some may have no rules, and you are simply able to use as you please!

Glass Chandelier by YBsilon-Stock

Where might you find their rules? 

You will commonly find them:

  • In the stock's description.
  • In a journal on the artist's profile. It is also commonly linked to in the stock's description.
  • In a widget on the stock artist profile. Possibly in their "About Me" section

And I can't say it enough....every stock artist is different!

New Model Kimberly: Stock 24 Seated Nudes by ArtReferenceSource

Things To Look for!

Are their commercial and non commercial rules the same?

    For some artist they are, for others they may have specific or special rules for commercial use. Also keep in mind that some stock artist may not even allow commercial use.

Is the stock really theirs?

    Always always double check your resources to make sure the are legitimate images coming from a legitimate stock provider! Stealing an image off of google and uploading it to DA's stock section does not make it stock!

    Be especially careful of "cut outs" or "PNGs", and premades. Make sure the stock used to create them are 100% legitimate otherwise your art could pay the price. 
Photoshop Shattered Glass Brushes {G3RTI-ALBANIA} by G3RTI-ALBANIA Antlers by TinaLouiseUk textura by arkano3

Less Complicated That It Sounds

    Most stock artist rules are not only promptly displayed so you can easily find them, but also incredibly simple and fair. Using stock you did not create does not make your art any less, giving credit does not take anything away from you and your ability! Think of it this way: if the photographer or model likes your work so much they want to share it or add it to their'd want credit wouldn't you?

    It's all about one artist showing respect to another. So go out and thank a stock artist today! And link them credits!

Pheonix3 by faestock Ramp Up by kuschelirmel-stock The Wall13 by faestock

Abbey Marie Esparza • Digital Artist • Student

I'm a 23 year old Mixed Media artist based in the United States. My compositions are all based in photographs that undergo an intense treatment to transform them into the surreal, unusual and macabre. Feel free to contact me for any reason! I'm only half as creepy as I seem.

Visit My Portfolio

Commission InformationMixed Media Commissions: Open!
I am currently looking for freelance work! You can contact me via Email at or through any of my social media sites. Feel free to contact me for any reason or if you have any questions!
All commissioned work is high-res and printable as long as the images provided allow for it.
Commercial: Starts at 90USD
Noncommercial: Starts at 75USD
Tutorials: Start at 100USD
All prices are negotiable! The price depends on your individual needs, these are simply the starting minimums. 
Full Artwork
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Personal Edits

Mixed Media


For commission information/pricing you can contact me on here or if you would prefer to talk through e-mail I am! All prices are negotiated individually and are dependent on your needs.

PAYMENT: Paypal only

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